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Responsible Growth
  • Horry County's population grew by 30% from 2010-2020 and is scheduled to nearly double by 2040. We must be proactive and not reactive to properly manage this growth by providing the necessary infrastructure to accommodate this anticipated growth.

  • Be assured, Jenna will positively work with other members of County Council to achieve results for all residents of Horry County.

Public Safety
  • One of Jenna’s top priorities is to create a safe community for all citizens and families in Horry County through supporting:

    • Additional police/fire/ems jobs to support our growing population

    • Additional police/fire/ems facilities in areas of current and projected growth

    • Increased pay and benefits to retain and recruit the BEST first responders

    • Increased training opportunities, modern technologies, best K9 programs, state of the art equipment

    • Expansion of citizen & youth education programs with first responders


  • South Carolina, and particularly Horry County, is rich in natural beauty. Jenna believes in protecting our natural resources and its natural beauty. 

    • Protect wetlands, flood prone areas

    • Protect endangered or threatened species habitats

    • Protect our waterways and rivers

    • Ensure stormwater runoff is properly retained on site by new development projects



  • Our children are our future. It is crucial that the classrooms in Horry County receive the dollars intended for Horry County, and that our children receive the highest quality education available to them:

    • Coordinate with State Delegation and lobby for additional funding to raise teacher salaries to retain and recruit skilled educators

    • Collaborate with the School Board to provide our children and teachers the safest and most effective learning environments and plan for anticipated student growth to avoid overcrowding of classrooms

  • To support our growing populations, we need to upgrade our infrastructure:

    • Focus on development agreements during the planning/rezoning process to ensure roadway improvements, turning lanes, water/sewer/stormwater improvements are provided

    • Work with State Representatives to bring home funding proportionate to the tax dollars that Horry County sends to Columbia

    • Repair and widen roadways (Hwy 90, Hwy 9, Hwy 501, & Hwy 17) without raising taxes. 

    • Expedite the construction of Hwy 31 extension from Hwy 9 into Brunswick County 

    • Address flooding & stormwater runoff issues & provide funding for cleaning roadway ditches & stormwater outfall structures

    • Develop a citizen task force to address current and future issues with infrastructure and stormwater management

  • As an experienced Pharmacist, Jenna is passionate about improving the health and well-being of the community:  
    • Work with State health officials, local hospitals and healthcare providers to increase hospital bed capacities and encourage the construction of new health care facilities for growing population

    • Recruit more physicians, nurses, and specialists to meet growing demands and special needs of existing residents

Economic Development
  • The past few years have highlighted the importance of diversifying our economy to make it strong in the face of uncertainty, such as pandemic conditions or natural disasters.

    • Recruiting new industry

    • Establish a County Industrial Park in the greater North Myrtle Beach area

    • Create more and better paying jobs for working families

    • Support Tourism Initiatives to strengthen year-round tourism

    • Enhance restaurant and business districts of Greater North Myrtle Beach and Little River areas.

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